Consulate of Canada in Phoenix


As part of the Canadian Government’s continuing effort to increase Canada’s presence in the United States and to expand bilateral trade and economic relations, the Consulate was opened in Phoenix on April 1, 2004 as a satellite of the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles, California.

The role of the Canadian Consulate in Phoenix is to advocate Canadian commercial, economic and political interests, and to develop innovative strategies for the identification and implementation of business opportunities in Arizona and New Mexico.

As Arizona’s second largest trading partner, Canada offers enormous potential for companies looking to expand internationally, while Arizona offers strong potential for Canadian companies looking to enter the U.S. Southwest marketplace. Likewise, New Mexico is a growing market which offers unique potential for Canadian exporters.

International Trade Canada is responsible for positioning Canada as a world business leader for the 21st century. It accomplishes this by assisting large and small Canadian companies to expand and succeed internationally and by promoting Canada as a dynamic place in which to do business. Learn more about our services and the opportunities that exist for your company.

  • For consular services, including passports, please contact the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles, California for assistance.

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