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Micropolis 2.0 is a multimedia universe made of silkscreen cutouts and digital prints that explores urban life and the relationships between people and large cities.  This work of wonder, as Québécois artists Allison Moore and Arthur Desmarteaux call it, is on at SNAP Gallery in Edmonton through early July.

It’s an evolving installation of collaged screen and digital prints, assembled to evoke a busy commercial street with pedestrians, creatures and vehicles, inspired by the cityscapes of Québec City, Montréal and Toronto.

The diorama also includes sections of woodcuts and LCD video screens in the “building windows” showing animated loops and an accompanying soundtrack.

The artists say the project “is intended to convey a sense of wonder, awe and contemplation. Looking though the microscope, viewers are drawn in a god-like perspective, entering a strange theatrical dimension.”

Allison Moore is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Vancouver Island, now located in Montréal. She has produced projects…

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  1. Thanks so much for the re-blog. You have a great site here. Nice to see the Canadian posts are keeping you connected!

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