Papercuts: Laura Secord’s Marathon

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Personal note from Skipping Stars: Mother had the Laura Secord cookbook. Had many a wonderful dish prepared from those pages.

If you’re Canadian, you’re likely familiar with Laura Secord, the Niagara housewife who ran 26 miles through enemy territory to warn the British and their aboriginal allies of an impending attack by American forces in the war of 1812.  Artist and designer Barbara Klunder, a Secord descendant, tells the inspiring tale in exquisite papercuts at the Rodman Hall Art Centre  at Brock University in St. Catharines,  the region where the Canadian heroine trekked through frontier forest 200 years ago this week. (Above: Detail, Marathon Dress)

Klunder wrote and illustrated this 6” by 6” handcrafted book with French fold pages and foil-stamped front and back covers. Book images are from Reactor, the design firm where Klunder is associated.  Other images in this post are from her Laura Secord exhibit in November at Toronto’s David Kaye gallery.

-St. Laura

-Marathon Dress -War of 1812

Barbara Klunder is well known internationally for her bold graphic style, political messages and provocative imagery.  This current exhibit at Brock University commemorates the bicentennial of the War of 1812.

Barbara Klunder’s website, here.

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