Project 365 – Day 237: First Nations demonstrate against Québec deforestation

Montreal in Pictures

August 24 2012

A cross representative group of Native Americans with support of environmentalists held a demonstration at mid-day today on Mount Royal at the Georges-Étienne Cartier monument. They were there to raise awareness of the practice by logging companies of clear-cutting on aboriginal and provincial park land.

The deforestation is threatening the habitat, wildlife and the lives of those (particularly the Native Americans) who depend on the forests.

Members and elders from a number of Québec’s Native American communities were in attendance together with visiting representatives from the United States and Guatemala. Each gave passionate speeches of the damage being done in their respective lands.

Between speeches there was a symbolic tree-cutting and a Native American dance. The tree cutting was symbolic in that they didn’t cut down a living tree but a log.

It was good to see a number of media outlets covering the event, so hopefully…

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