This Week in Canadian History – November Week 5

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This is a repost and updated post that I published on November 28, 2012.

Count Frontenac dies at Quebec, but that doesn’t mean his heart stays put. Oh no.

Frontenac had been asked to return to Canada in 1689 and serve as governor for the second time. His instructions were to regain the respect of the Indians and to drive the British from New England and New York.

He did succeed with most of the Indians, but Frontenac was unable to take New England and New York for France. After eight years of war, Britain and France signed the Treaty of Ryswick on September 20, 1697. Actually, Ryswick meant little, and war was resumed five years later.

As there was supposed to be peace, however, Frontenac exchanged messages with the Governor of New York, and Captain John Schuyler arrived at Quebec as a peace emissary…

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